Life is hard. The constant rush of the world around us often leaves us in a tired daze. As we try to keep up with the demands of everyday life it’s important to remember to take care of ourselves. Relax, spend time with people we love, and reflect on how we are nurturing our bodies and souls by investing in natural solutions.



Natural cannabidiol (CBD) remedies can be used to address a variety of health issues CBD comes from hemp and is non-psychoactive. It is completely legal- not to be confused with the non-hemp variety, which is commonly called marijuana. CBD made from hemp is completely safe and has been found to have numerous natural health benefits in a variety of areas. These benefits range from gut health, weight management, depression & anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, and pet health, to name a few. Introducing CBD infused drinks and foods into your lifestyle is an easy and fun way to help you chill, relax and recharge, while naturally healing your body and mind. Treat yourself and your body by addressing your health in a natural way. Check out the lists below for some fun, tasty, and easy recipes whose benefits address many common health symptom. Their results will leave you feeling full and fine- take back your health with these natural remedies!



Night-time Sleep Remedies:


Nothing is worse after a long day than lying down in bed, unable to turn your brain off. Start whipping up one of these delicious night-time treats to enjoy and help relax you so you’re able to fall into the deep slumber you deserve each night!


Golden Milk 


Oil Gummies 


Tea Latte 



Anxiety & Stress Relief:


Dealing with stress or anxiety due to work, relationships or life in general? These treats not only leave your stomach satisfied, they help work to naturally reduce some of life’s stresses. Unwind with some of these tasty treats.




Bliss Balls 


Chocolate Lavender Truffles 



Healthy Snacking & Energy:

Find yourself wanting to snack? Need a burst of mid-day energy? These healthy snacks will tide you over until your next meal as well as give you a healthy boost of energy to keep you moving all day long!


Chocolate Fat Bombs 


Coconut Raspberry Energy Bites 






Who doesn’t love dessert? Treating yourself to dessert is one of life’s great treats and a sure way to sweeten your day. Try one of these new twists on a tasty treat!


Flourless Chocolate Cake 


Boston Cooler 


Don’t wait- try making some of these CBD infused food and drinks today and naturally improve your health and spice up your meals with these great recipes!

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