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CBD is the common abbreviation for Cannabidiol, one of more than 100 different chemical compounds known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant (Cannabis Sativa L.). Until recently, the best known cannabinoid has been THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which produces the “high” associated with the use of traditional marijuana.

Now, CBD commands the majority of attention in science, medicine, government, business, the media and the American marketplace. Mounting scientific and anecdotal evidence indicates that CBD shows significant promise as an effective treatment for a wide range of mild-to-serious medical conditions in humans and animals. It is a key ingredient in many mainstream sports-nutrition, beauty and wellness products. And CBD is being widely used as a dietary supplement that may help improve and protect overall health of people and their pets.

However, even though everyone is talking about CBD, scientists are only beginning to understand how it works and the full extent of its potential benefits. And there is still a lot of confusion and questions about CBD among consumers.

Due to FDA and other federal government regulations, we cannot state everything we know and believe about CBD. So, we encourage you to do your own research, draw your own conclusions and decide if CBD is right for you.



The Drip, Founder



The founder of The Drip is a true believer in the healing, health-giving power of CBD and a passionate advocate for the industry. Louis is on a mission to build the finest medical CBD emporium in Las Vegas (and online), educate people about the incredible potential of CBD and serve anyone who can use this “miracle drop” to restore and maintain optimal physical and mental health.

Louis is a former U.S. Marine with a straight-up, tell-it-like-it-is style and an infectious enthusiasm for life and all things CBD. This is a miracle by itself, considering his medical history.

For years, Louis suffered with PTSD at a time when this debilitating illness was barely recognized let alone understood. The only treatment his doctors could offer was opioids. Later, after two knee replacement surgeries, he became depressed, overweight and addicted to prescription painkillers. He describes his life at that time as “complete hell.”

Then Louis had an experience that changed his life. He met a five-year-old child who suffered from seizures that were so severe he was homebound and helpless. None of his many medications seemed to help and his doctors had no other answers. But when the child was given CBD, the seizures stopped.

After Louis began taking CBD, he felt a significant increase in physical and mental energy, lost a significant amount of weight and all but ended his need for painkillers.

Today, at age 59, Louis is working out, driving a new business and celebrating life.

He is a living testimony to the power and promise of CBD.

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