CBD is the non-psychoactive compound in marijuana. It is seeing a massive growth in
the medical field. New products and new ways to use it are always being created. One
of the newest products on the market is the tincture. This article will discuss what a CBD
tincture is and how it works.


What is a CBD Tincture?

CBD Tinctures are liquid formed and have a very high cannabidiol content. They are
often used as a dietary supplement with less than .03% of THC, so you won’t feel the
psychoactive ingredient that gets you high. To create a CBD tincture, hemp flowers rich
in the cannabinoid are steeped in high-proof grain alcohol. They are then cooked over
low heat for several hours. This recipe is ideal for the best tincture but vinegar or
glycerin can be used as a substitute.


How is it used?

It is a very concentrated form of cbd oil, so it is recommended to take in small doses.
There is no danger in taking it in high doses, but it is advised that if you are to take more
than the recommended dose, just take a few more drops with the dropper that it comes


It’s popular to enjoy it in drinks like tea and coffee. Some people add some to their face
serum. For the fastest effects, many patients absorb it under their tongue. This is the
quickest way to ingest it orally. When taking it sublingually, which means under the
tongue, it is best practice to make sure to hold it there for at least a minute. This allows
it to make its way to the internal carotid artery, which then goes to the external carotid
artery and ultimately to the brain.


What are the benefits?

Cannabinoids in general are used to relieve a vast amount of medical conditions.
Although it is still be studied, benefits of CBD have been shown in septic issues and
inflammatory problems that cause pain. Tinctures are just a highly concentrated form of
cannabinoids meaning it can be taken in small doses and still have the same effects for
improving health.


If you have health issues that you think can be resolved by taking cannabinoids, here
are some other benefits of CBD that people are seeing.


1. Reduces seizures
Scientists have been able to confirm the link between the effect of cannabinoids on
seizures. A study done by The New England Journal of Medicine saw a 38.9%
decrease of seizures in patients with Dravet syndrome after taking cannabinoids.


2. Relieve anxiety
Although cbd oil is mainly used to treat physiological symptoms, studies have been
done that concluded that it relieves social anxiety disorder through the limbic and
paralimbic areas of the brain.


3. Improves sleep
Although the THC compound in cannabis does improve sleep. Studies have also seen
that while THC helps to fall asleep faster, cannabinoids help to stay in a deep sleep.
This had a profound effect on how good the patients felt after waking up.

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